CVS Gave Teen Boy Covid Vaccine Without Consent, Claims Outraged Mom

Mom warns other parents about lack of accountability after after consent procedures ignored.

A furious mom in California is warning other parents after a CVS pharmacy allowed her teen son to get a Covid-19 injection without her consent.

The incident took place at a CVS in Davis back in July, but the outraged mom says she’s revisiting the story to warn other parents as vaccines for youngsters recently received emergency use authorization.

“[My 16-year-old son] was like, ‘My arm hurts,’ and I said, ‘What happened?’” mom Amanda Arroyo recalled to local media. “And he was like, ‘I had my COVID shot,’ and I was like ‘Wait, what?’” 

CBS Sacramento reports: “Arroyo claims the pharmacist told her she was just trying to vaccinate as many people as possible in the community to keep people safe.”

The mom says she’s worried there could be lasting side effects from the experimental Covid shot, which did not undergo research trials to determine long-term outcomes.

“There is a law in place, there are procedures that are not being followed,” Arroyo said, adding she’s “really concerned at the fact that I don’t know what this is going to do to him.”

In the state of California there are three ways a minor can obtain permission for a vaccine, all of which involve a parent or guardian consenting to the medical procedure.

The mom says none of the consent procedures were followed and no one was held accountable.

“He’s 16 years old. I completely understand that, but I, in no way, shape or form gave consent for him to get the vaccine and I was not present when it happened,” Arroyo said. “I want the pharmacist to be held responsible for her actions and her negligence.”

In a statement to CBS, CVS Health senior manager for corporate communications Amy Thibault claimed they were looking into the matter, stating, “We’re aware of Ms. Arroyo’s concerns and apologized to her when she contacted us initially. We’re committed to complying with all vaccination regulations and are in the process of looking into this matter further.”

Last week, Infowars reported on a school in Hawaii that’s blocking parents from attending a vaccine drive for children aged 5 to 11 – but in that case, parents were still asked for their consent.

However, an outline from the UN’s World Health Organization in 2014 detailed the global health authority’s sneaky plan for children to bypass parental consent.