Cruz Wrecks Stacey Abrams’ ‘Stolen Election’ Claims Right to Her Face

Democratic Party grifter and non-Georgia governor Stacey Abrams was grilled by GOP Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday when the latter pointed out that the former has yet to formally concede the 2018 Peach State gubernatorial race.

Abrams, if you’ll recall, lost the state’s race in 2018 to GOP candidate Brian Kemp. Neither candidate was the best choice for Georgians, in retrospect. But Kemp did defeat Abrams by more than 54,00 votes — and he’s certainly proved to have been the better bad choice between the pair.

Abrams, immediately upon losing, resorted to blaming alleged racist voter disenfranchisement for her defeat.

“More than 200 years into Georgia’s democratic experiment, the state failed its voters,” Abrams said in a speech 10 days after the Nov. 6 election, The New York Times reported.

Abrams claimed that “eight years of systemic disenfranchisement, disinvestment and incompetence had its desired effect on the electoral process in Georgia.”