Crenshaw Unloads on ‘Angry Little Boys’ Who Harass Him at TX GOP Meeting, Call Him ‘Eyepatch McCain’

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who’s faced recent criticism over his enthusiastic support for red flag laws and calls for more money to be funneled to Ukraine, was harassed while at the Republican Party of Texas’ annual state convention Saturday.

Not that he’s sweating it. More on his response later.

Video footage from the convention showed several reportedly “far-right” instigators yelling insults and slurs at Crenshaw as he walked through the convention, including “eyepatch McCain,” “globalist RINO,” and “World Economic Forum sellout.”

The instigators also said the following:

  • “Dan Crenshaw loves Ukraine!”
  • “Dan Crenshaw supports red flag laws!”
  • “Dan Crenshaw is a traitor; he needs to be hung for treason!”
  • “Dan Crenshaw sold all of you out, and you’re still voting for him!”
  • “Dan Crenshaw is a fraud!”
  • Etc.

Here’s one piece of footage shared by lead instigator Alex Stein, who rose to fame last winter for singing a satirical pro-vaccine song.

Here’s another piece of footage shared by another instigator:

The other men with Stein were reportedly seen wearing Proud Boys gear.

According to a witness who spoke with Mediaite, the men “got physical with multiple people,” including Crenshaw’s campaign manager.

“He [said] his only intention had been to ask the congressman about what he perceives as ‘globalist’ leanings. Crenshaw’s security reportedly knew who Stein was and told him that he would be removed if he attempted to speak to Crenshaw, but the consequence of removal was one Stein was willing to accept for his confrontation,” The Post Millennial has learned.

“Stein claims as soon as he went to speak to Crenshaw, Crenshaw’s ‘whole team swarmed on me, they’re grabbing me, pushing me.’ Stein confirmed that one man pushed him against a wall.”

Crenshaw for his part simply ignored the instigators. However, he later fired back on Twitter with a burn directed at Stein.

“This is what happens when angry little boys like @alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t get girlfriends…,” he tweeted.



Others were not as blasé about the whole affair.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was particularly annoyed over the “eyepatch McCain” nickname that originated with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In a Twitter thread, he detailed the way in which Crenshaw lost his eye while fighting in Afghanistan.


One of former Vice President Mike Pence’s White House staffers responded meanwhile with utter disgust and repulsion.

But instead of just directing her ire at the perpetrators, she sought to blame their actions on Carlson.


Saturday marked the second time in a week that Stein had harassed a prominent conservative. A day earlier, he harassed Sen. Ted Cruz “for being a globalist and selling out America.”


Reporting by BizPac Review.