COVID Test Company Accused of Cheating U.S. Government

The co-owner of Laboratory Elite Zishan Alvi has been accused of cheating the United States government after it was reported he prepared to seek reimbursements for fraudulent PCR tests. The indictment notes the PCR tests were either paid for by customers, not used, or were purposely made to be unreliable. The company received $83 million from the federal government, some of which may have been transferred to Alvi’s personal account.

From The Blaze:

Alvi also told employees to provide customers with negative results despite tests never being performed:

"In order to conceal the fact that tests were not performed, ALVI instructed Laboratory A employees to release purported negative COVID-19 test results to individuals, when ALVI knew that no tests were performed," the allegations state.

Alvi is charged by a federal grand jury with 10 counts of wire fraud and one count of theft of government funds.