COVID Databases Are Among Us, And Governors Must Fight And Win Now — Or Never

So what can politicians do to protect their citizens from being coerced into experimental medical procedures and surveillance databases they aren’t comfortable with?

COVID-19 vaccine passports are on the march. Before long, if not already, you might need one to return to work, travel, visit your parents, attend a sports game or even a friend’s wedding. We’re well on our way already and Democrats — once the doubters of databases, IDs, and corporations — are all-in. With Republicans in Washington nearly two years from regaining any power, the battle, then, comes down to the states.

But will Republicans governors have the courage to break with the political, corporate, and global elites? Will they have the will to tell government agencies and private businesses they have no right to demand the citizens of their states subject themselves to an experimental vaccine?

Also, why should they block citizens from choosing to hand over their private data to a corporate database in exchange for trade and travel? Do the citizens of states like South Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee even have to worry about this new regime being forced on them at all?

First, there is reason to be worried no matter where you live, because this regime is coming for us. The most powerful elites in the world are enthusiastically in favor of it, and for the past year they’ve gotten their way on pretty much every single thing they’ve demanded by attaching “COVID-19” to it. Teachers unions, election integrity, and even religious liberty have all been manipulated under this guise, no matter how little they have to do with the actual disease. So how are these forces progressing on this initiative?

IBM first launched a COVID passport on Oct. 12, just weeks after the National Institute of Health awarded them a contract to develop “an integrated solution that supports sophisticated contact tracing and verifiable health status reporting.” IBM’s tech-chic website tells visitors their product is “Designed to provide organizations with a smart way to bring people back to a physical location during COVID-19.”