Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Universal Vote-By-Mail Law

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that a state law allowing for universal vote-by-mail was unconstitutional.

A January 28th opinion by Judge Mary Leavitt explains why the court struck down Act 77, which allowed all Pennsylvanians to vote via mail-in-ballots during elections.

“As we witnessed in 2020, Act 77 in its current form is susceptible to unconstitutional changes that weaken its election security safeguards. The state Supreme Court unilaterally extended the deadline for mailed ballots to be received and mandated that mail-in ballots lacking a verified signature be accepted. Additionally, the State Department encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate representatives of mail-in voters whose ballots contained disqualifying defects; thereby enabling voters to cure said defects,” explains State Senator Doug Mastriano.

Representative Timothy R. Bonner and 13 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives filed a petition for review seeking a declaration that Act 77 of “violates the Pennsylvania Constitution and is, therefore, void,” according to the opinion.

The petitioners also assert that Act 77 violates the United States Constitution, and as a result, “seek an injunction prohibiting the distribution, collection, and counting of no-excuse mail-in ballots in future state and federal elections.”

“As past and likely future candidates for office, Petitioners have been or will be impacted by dilution of votes in every election in which improper mail-in ballots are counted,” the representatives argued.

“Act 77 is declared unconstitutional and void ab initio,” concludes the opinion.

The decision follows Pennsylvania experiencing unprecedented levels of voting irregularities and anomalies during the 2020 election, which were overseen by the state’s Democratic leadership.

In Philadelphia, for example, the likelihood of the city’s voting outcome is as likely as someone flipping a coin 100 times and landing on heads every time.

Per data provided by the state of Pennsylvania, an exorbitant number of individuals cast ballots, only voting for the president. Analysis reveals this phenomenon occurred exponentially more with Biden voters.

“Another way to track down fraudulent votes is to look closely at how many of the votes did little or no down-ticket voting. When manufacturing votes, it is too time consuming to vote for other office holders,” the report notes.

For example, the number was more than double in Arizona and, at maximum, more than triple in Michigan.

In Pennsylvania, it was slightly less than half.