Cop Suspended For Refusing To Close Gym Due To COVID Lockdown, Hugging Gym Members

Sergeant is under Internal Affairs investigation after being harangued by corporate journalist for hugging protesters and not wearing a mask

A Canadian police sergeant refused to close down a small business in Mississauga, Ontario this week, and offered hugs to supporters and staff, appearing to enrage a corporate journalist who hovered around the anti-lockdown rally with a video camera.

The sergeant was later suspended for not wearing a face mask, and will be subjected to an Internal Affairs investigation.

The city of Mississauga has repeatedly tried to force the ownership of HUF Boxing Gym to cease operations due to COVID lockdown rules, but the gym has defied local politicians’ demands and held an anti-lockdown rally this week.

Global News reporter Sean O’Shea appeared on the scene and began taping the supporters with a video camera, drawing the ire of several protesters.