Consultants Funded by Pfizer Reportedly Connected Group Assisting Doctors with COVID Vax Push for Kids

The non-profit Unity Consortium reportedly behind push.

  • Unity Consortium has started a vigorous effort to persuade parents to push their kids get the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The group has even lobbied medical professionals to advise their patients to do the same.
  • Unity Consortium was co-founded by Judy Klein who is known to be a pharmaceutical industry veteran.
  • Klein also works as a healthcare consultant through inKlein Consulting, a company that has contracts with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, as the company website indicates.
  • As part of their efforts, Unity Consortium reportedly encouraged healthcare providers to get in touch with patients via text and went so far as to draft messages including “Adolescents should get the COVID-19 vaccine even if they have had COVID-19 previously. Call us at [XXX-XXX-XXXX] to schedule an appointment. It is safe to visit.”
  • Another text offered to healthcare providers said, “Billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses have been given with significant benefits and limited risks. We recommend that your teen be vaccinated. Call us at [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. It is safe to visit.”
  • Unity Consortium’s Judy Klein was quoted in articles urging adolescent vaccination with tactics such as “Gen Z Wants to ‘Wait a Little Bit’ to Get COVID Vaccine. Experts Say There’s No Time to Waste.” 
  • Just months ago a mother sued a Los Angeles school district for allegedly bribing children to forge their parents’ signatures to receive vaccines, as American Faith previously reported.
  • The suit claims that employees of Barack Obama Preparation Academy where the boy attends offered a pizza to those who got a shot at the vaccine event.
  • The parents assert that their son has suffered negative side effects from the vaccine after being pushed to receive the shot.
  • A spokesperson for the school district told KTLA that they do not comment on threatened, pending, or ongoing litigation matters.