Concrete Wall Going Up Around White House as U.S.-Mexico Border Project Remains Unfinished

Construction on a concrete wall around the White House has prompted questions from conservatives.

  • Heavy equipment was seen creating a concrete barrier in front of the White House on Wednesday, according to The Gateway Pundit.
  • There’s no official word as to the reason that the Biden administration would commission the wall and no word about what the finished construction will entail.
  • Multiple photos and videos of the project have been posted to Twitter, prompting questions among conservatives.
  • This news comes as the border wall between the United States and Mexico is still allowing for rampant human trafficking, according to a report just days ago by Fox News.
  • Former Homeland Security officials have warned that the illegal immigrant crisis is being exacerbated by criminal activity at the U.S. Southern Border, according to Fox News.
  • President Joe Biden put together a plan to combat human trafficking in December and marked January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
  • “Human trafficking — whether in the form of forced labor, sex trafficking, or other offenses — is an abhorrent abuse of power and a profoundly immoral crime that strikes at the safety, health, and dignity of millions of people worldwide,” Biden said in his proclamation.
  • There has been no word from officials about any role a border wall will play in preventing human trafficking through the southern United States.
  • Video from one citizen journalist showed the barrier potentially going up around the fountain in front of the White House.
  • The same individual who posted the video indicated these barriers are sometimes constructed to keep outsiders from seeing the construction processes at federal buildings.