Communists Disrupt California School Board Meeting On Parental Rights

Communists went up against parents’ rights activists last week during a school board meeting in Orange County, California.

As the Orange Unified School District was going to pass a parental notification policy making it mandatory for staff members to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender, the heated arguments broke out.

Members of the “Revolutionary Communist Party” became vocal during the meeting, later being escorted out by local officers.

“As part of the Revolutionary Communists we actually are here to say that this policy, and even having the discussion about changing the words in this policy and trying to reach across the aisle with fascism is just completely the wrong term,” one of the communist members said.

“We are getting organized for a real revolution to get rid of this system, to get to a whole society and world where LGBT people are actually treated and viewed as full human beings. Any kind of trying to negotiate with any of these fascists in the room, on the board, is illegitimate,” they continued.

“And any decent people who actually want to fight for the humanity of LGBT people should be getting organized for revolution to overthrow this whole system that gave birth to this white supremacy and this male supremacy. We have a constitution after the revolution that would replace the U.S. Constitution that would actually uphold the rights of LGBT people and not have to negotiate all of the ugly terms that are being said right now in society.”

From Breitbart:

The school board later voted unanimously to pass the policy. However, three board members who did not agree with it had left the room in a show of protest.

More video footage appears to show the communist protesters holding signs while one person chanted, “Gay, straight, trans, queer, fight for the future, no fear!”