Colorado Imam Tells Children That Jews ‘Trick Us to Trusting Them’

A Colorado imam live-streamed a lecture for children where he said that Jews cannot be trusted and advised against doing business with them.

During the children’s Islamic class at the Colorado Muslims Community Center (CMCC) in Aurora, Colorado, the imam described what he considers to be “characteristics” of Jewish people.

Discussing the Jews’ covenant with God, the imam said, “What did they do every single time? They don’t obey. They break their covenant. They lie and they break their contract.”

“If this is the group of people who broke their rules with Allah, should you trust these people today?”

“No!” the kids said.

The imam then shares a story about how Jewish fishermen became monkeys by Allah by fishing on the Sabbath.

“Does this sound like a people who you want to do business with?” he asks, to which the children reply: “No!”

In another clip, the imam said they keep “losing in Palestine” because Jews “keep tricking us to trust them.”

He later told the children that Jews “are calling anybody who disagrees with Israel a terrorist,” adding, “They are calling what’s happened to them,” referring to the attack by Hamas, “a ‘holocaust’.”