Colorado Christian University Training Conservatives to Take On Today’s Ideological Battles

Event features conservative leaders from around the nation.

  • The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University is holding its annual ‘Western Conservative Summit‘ in Denver, Colorado.
  • The Western Conservative Summit is hosted by Colorado Christian University because the institution believes they have a responsibility to educate Christians to be “rooted in a strong foundation of Christ,” according to the university’s press release.
  • “The Western Conservative Summit believes that to turn our nation around we need to raise godly men and women, well-trained, well-educated, to guide every level of our community – school board, mayor, county commissioner, and up to Congress, President, and Supreme Court,” Centennial Institute Director Jeff Hunt said.
  • Now in its 13th year, the summit will feature the nation’s top conservative leaders, including Kayleigh McEnany, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Cal Thomas, Matt Walsh, Governor Kevin Stitt, Rep. Lauren Boebert, and others.
  • “I’m convinced, now more than ever, that leftists will never be able to solve our nation’s problems. It is up to Christian conservatives to lead. Wherever communities are completely controlled by leftists — primarily in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver — they fail to establish the utopian societies they project,” Hunt said in the press release.
  • “Instead of developing thriving communities, these leftist-run cities perpetuate human suffering. They are ripe with corruption, homelessness, drug use, and violence. There is little hope for young people trapped in schools run by government bureaucrats in leftist communities.”
  • “Solutions proposed to address broken cities almost always come from liberal special interest groups. Everything conceivable is tried in these broken communities except what we know works. Research has demonstrated repeatedly that people who graduate high school, get a job, and wait to have children until they are married will not live in poverty. Instead of teaching this ‘Success Sequence,’ public education focuses on issues rooted in a Marxist worldview – critical race theory and transgenderism.”
  • The institute is founded on the idea that Christians can no longer hope that good people will rise to positions of leadership, but rather that they need to be trained to take on the theological battles themselves.
  • “We need a West Point of Christian, conservative statesmanship. West Point trains leaders to defend America and to win. As leftist ideas seek to ruin America and the freedoms we inherited from generations of patriots, Colorado Christian University will prepare tomorrow’s leaders to protect America’s founding principles,” said Hunt.
  • Anyone looking to attend the Western Conservative Summit in person or watch it online can visit here for more information.