College Republicans Officially Split With Formation of ‘National Federation of College Republicans’

New national organization formed to represent College Republicans.

The College Republican National Committee (CRNC) has officially split, following the announcement of the formation of a ‘National Federation of College Republicans’.

The new National Federation currently has two members, the Texas Federation of College Republicans and the New York Federation of College Republicans, two of the largest and most conservative College Republican state federations, and was formed following a rigged election for state chairman of the CRNC. In a statement posted on Twitter, the National Federation invited “disaffected” College Republican state federations to align with their new entity, in order to “return our beloved organization to its founding principles and restores ethical leadership.”

However, the National Federation stressed that it was a purely interim body, and that free and fair leadership elections were planned at the “earliest possible date” to determine the ultimate board of the new entity.