‘Coding Error’ Blamed After Only Democratic Ballots Appear in Front of Voters on Dominion Machines

When it comes to claims of voter fraud or election irregularities, it’s always prudent to simply examine the facts, keep an open mind and not let one’s preconceived biases cloud one’s judgment of a given piece of information about how elections are conducted.

At this rate, however, millions of disgruntled 2020 voters will have a hard time not crying foul as they see, yet again, the words “Dominion,” “error,” “Pennsylvania” and “Republican voters” all in the same headline.

Yeah … this does not look good.

Republican voters in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania’s primary election this week reported a concerning “typo” that presented them with ballots for Democratic voters despite their party affiliation.

According to WNEP-TV, some polling locations reported the concerning error, which appeared when poll workers pulled up ballots on Dominion Voting Systems machines for Republican voters only to find them labeled “Official Democratic Ballot.”