CNN Warns: ‘Democratic Support for CA Governor Newsom Dwindling’

CNN’s Kyung Lah reported Wednesday on The Lead with Jake Tapper that support for California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is “dwindling,” as even Democrats are thinking of voting against him in the recall election that concludes Sep. 14.

Lah spoke to several wavering Democrats, and reported (via CNN transcript, emphasis added):

LAH (voice-over): You would think rejecting the recall of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom would be a no brainer for these three Los Angeles voters. But it’s not.

WEAVER: I have to say I’m really leaning very heavily towards the recall.

LAH (on camera): To recalling the governor?

WEAVER: Yes. I’m disappointed in the Democratic Party in general.

LAH (voice-over): Disappointed with the party in control with a supermajority of California state government, while problems grow, wildfires, drought, crime, cost of living, but the worst for them, homelessness, which has expanded through the pandemic now in neighborhoods across middle-class Los Angeles, including their own.

HELSETH: It’s like, let me work, let me pay my taxes, but provide me with safety and not be accosted by two homeless people within the matter of 15 minutes.

LAH (on camera): Is this Governor Newsom’s fault?

SANDOVAL: I think, I mean, technically — how can I even answer that? He’s the leader. It’s — everything starts from the top, and it goes down.

Lah reported that Democrats are outraged about homelessness in the state, and do not know if Gov. Newsom is listening to their concerns. One Democrat noted that if a Republican wins, she will feel “sick,” but she has trouble backing Newsom.

The White House confirmed Wednesday that President Joe Biden plans to campaign in the state for Newsom, but that could be an additional liability, as the situation in Afghanistan continues to become worse.