CNN Caught Confusing Ukraine With Russia During Live Broadcast

Spectators caught CNN incorrectly branding footage of Kharkiv as part of Russia in the identifier of footage for their programming.

  • CNN viewers saw footage of Kharkiv, Ukraine branded as “Kharkiv, Russia” during Christiane Amanpour’s report on the growing tension between the nations.
  • The incorrect label appeared on Tuesday during CNN’s international show, according to RT America, which is a subsidiary of Russia Today, a news outlet owned by the Russian government.
  • The footage showed military vehicles driving over snowy terrain as Amanpour offered an update about diplomacy efforts on the part of international leaders.
  • According to multiple news outlets, including Amanpour’s report, NATO is willing to discuss “arms control, disarmament, transparency on military activities, risk reduction mechanisms and other issues which are relevant for European security,” with Russia.
  • The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada began to evacuate embassy staff from Kiev on Monday according to ABC News.
  • The Ukrainian government attempted to reassure the world that conflict was not guaranteed as Russia’s military vehicles amassed on the countries’ border.
  • Ukraine is shoring up its defenses, however, with Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov thanking NATO for the weapons and other military aid sent to his nation.
  • It was reported Wednesday that Netherlands and Ukraine have argued that a top European court should hear the case to hold Russia responsible for previous human rights violations, according to The Associated Press, a move that likely exacerbated the tensions.