Climate Alarmists Erroneous on Crop Production Claims

Mainstream media asserted that climate change is hurting crop production, a claim that is not accurate. One article from Bloomberg stated climate change is “eroding farm productivity” in India, although there are no weather trends in India that are beyond the range of variability.

From Red State:

The media make these same, easily fact-checked and falsified claims over and over, from coffee production in Kenya, to tomatoes and rice around the world; any crop that suffers a bad season is immediately and breathlessly deemed a casualty of climate change.

In reality, there are nearly 200 different countries in the world, with all kinds of different crops that can and do suffer from bad years from time to time. In any year, one can always find some crop somewhere in the world that has been damaged by weather during its growing season, probably many. It always has been this way, we just didn’t always have a media hell-bent on attributing everything to the climate change boogeyman.