Citizen Sets Up Scoped Rifle, Shoots Grandma Killer Terrorizing Arkansas Apartment Complex

Neighbor reportedly acted in accordance with Arkansas Stand Your Ground laws to neutralize the threat.

A citizen armed with a scoped hunting rifle shot and killed a man who had just murdered an 87-year-old woman in Fort Smith, Arkansas apartment complex, putting an end to a potential mass casualty event through the use of lethal force.

Zachary Arnold, 26, began screaming at residents on an apartment complex in Fort Smith, demanding “You guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now” according to witness. 87-year-old Lois Hicks and another woman exited their apartments, but retreated inside when they noticed Arnold was brandishing a semi-automatic rifle, according to police.

Arnold followed Hicks back inside according to eyewitness, taking advantage of the fact that she had left her door ajar, and shot her to death. The gunman then reportedly went back outside and began to shoot into individual residences, drawing the attention of an armed neighbor.