Chuck Schumer Sides With Senate Republicans to Block ‘Domestic Terrorism Prevention’ Bill

Republicans’ get last-minute assistance from Democrat leader in what was believed to be a procedural move.

  • Senate Republicans voted to block the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill, HR350, Tuesday that came down to a vote of 47-47.
  • The bill was pushed through by House Democrats following the Buffalo shooting that killed 10, attempting to establish “new requirements to expand the availability of information on domestic terrorism and the relationship between domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”
  • The gridlocked Senate saw Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer move his vote from “aye” to “no” as a last-minute procedural move, allowing the chamber to move on and, according to Schumer, possibly pick up the vote later according to CNN.
  • The Riverfront Times described the legislation: “The act seeks to create offices in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to monitor and track potential domestic terrorism threats.”
  • “If signed into law by President Joe Biden, the bill would direct the FBI to assign a special agent at each field office to investigate hate crimes related to domestic terrorism. Federal agencies would also be required to produce biannual reports on white supremacy and neo-Nazis infiltration of federal, state and local enforcement agencies,” RFT reported.
  • The bill passed the House with only one supporter from the Republican side, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, as American Faith previously reported.
  • The hotly contested bill mentions a “white” demographic over a dozen times, and seems to look for non-minority potential threats while overlooking issues such as inner-city gangs and international cartel activity.