Christian MAGA Rapper Sings LGBTQ-Alligned Target Is ‘Targeting Kids’ (Video)

American rapper and ardent Donald Trump supporter Kurt Jantz, known as Forgiato Blow, renowned for pioneering the subgenre “MAGA rap,” has released a rap song lambasting retail giant Target, accusing it of targeting children with its merchandise.

The song has gained viral attention, already gaining 1.4 million views on Twitter.

The artist, famous for songs like “Proud American” and “Pistol Packing Patriot,” has fired his latest lyrical salvo with a song criticizing Target for what he believes to be harmful merchandising practices.

The rap verses express his concern that the company may be trying to influence children’s thinking via its so-called “Pride Month” clothing line, featuring LGBTQ and Satanic messing.

The song starts off with a call to all “shoppers”: “Shoppers. Shoppers. There’s a cleanup on every aisle. Yeah. Target is targeting your kids.”

He further reinforces this notion by repeatedly referring to the retailer in the chorus: “Target. Target. Yeah. They targeting. Target. Target. Yeah. They target kids.”

The rapper suggests that the store has crossed a line in its marketing tactics, particularly involving LGBTQ issues: “They wrong trying to play with the kids,” he says, adding “The LGBTQ done went too far. You know they cutting these kids?”

The song further challenges the retailer, implying that the store’s children’s clothing section promotes “evil impressions and “misconceptions.”


Target Corporation has seen a substantial decline in its stock prices since launching its so-called “Pride” apparel this year at the start of May, American Faith reported earlier this week.

The campaign showcased more than 2,000 products, including clothing, books, music, and home furnishings as part of its “Pride Collection.”

The company’s shares have dropped by 9.21% on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since last month.

Target also issued an internal email to all employees explaining the pushback resulted in a $9 billion loss within a single week.