Christian Groups Fight Back Against Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Vaccine Mandate

Christian groups from various states reportedly fight back against President Joe Biden’s “tyrannical” vaccine mandate.

The Christian Post reported that “multiple religious liberty-focused legal organizations” have filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration in behalf of religious organizations from Texas and from South Dakota due to the threat of fines that will be imposed on employers or employee’s termination for non-compliance to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The First Liberty Institute filed a petition in behalf of religious organizations American Family Association, Answers In Genesis, and Daystar Television Network last Friday, November 5, at the United States Courts of Appeals for the Fifth and Sixth Circuits. The petition requests the judges to “review and set aside” the mandate before it is implemented.

While the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit in behalf the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools which does business as Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools and the Christian Employers Alliance and Home School Legal Defense Foundation. The said religious organizations joined the lawsuit filed by the States of Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Previous reports indicated that around 11 Republican governors, including the states mentioned, as well as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Utah, and West Virginia, have filed a lawsuit against Biden’s vaccine mandate.

ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert, who also filed a lawsuit in behalf of The Daily Wire, raised in a statement last Thursday that the mandate is “unlawful” and intrusive on the part of employers to their employees. Bangert underscored that the president has “no authority” to impose the vaccines in such a manner.

“The Biden administration’s decision to mandate vaccines through an OSHA emergency rule is unlawful and compels businesses like The Daily Wire to intrude on their employees’ personal health decisions. The government has no authority to unilaterally treat unvaccinated employees like workplace hazards or to compel employers to become vaccine commissars, and we are asking the 6th Circuit to put a stop to it immediately,” Bangert said.

As reported last week, The Daily Wire was the first to file a lawsuit against Biden for his “tyrannical” policies, which is but a “gross overreach” since he “lacks the authority” to do so and, thus, has robbed Americans of their freedom. The Daily Wire strongly expressed non-compliance to the vaccine mandate.

The string of lawsuits come in reaction to the Biden Administration reinforcing its vaccine mandate through new policies released each by the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Medicare and Medicaid Services the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in a statement last Thursday, November 4.

The mandate is imposed on companies with 100 or more employees with the provision of paid leaves and a deadline of compliance on January 4, 2022. Employees who do not comply are required to wear masks while at work and to submit COVID-19 tests weekly. Medicaid and Medicare participants are similarly required to get the vaccine but no exemption was provided.

Daystar Television Network, which is the business name of the Word of God Fellowship, was among those who filed an emergency petition in the Fifth Circuit Court. There are more than ten petitioners who filed the request, which included airlines, legal entities, and corporations from various states.

The said emergency petition was actually granted by the Fifth Circuit Court on Friday “pending expedited judicial review” out of the judges believing that “there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.” The judges then ruled that “the mandate is hereby stayed pending further action by” the Fifth Circuit Court.