Chinese Police Torture Man in His Home in Front of His Children for Speaking Out Against Harsh COVID Lockdowns

Graphic footage of the event was leaked.

  • A video out of China shows a man being attacked in his own home in front of his children by Chinese Communist Party officers.
  • The citizen was being interrogated and beaten by four officers after he complained over China’s zero-COVID lockdown policy, which is being protested nationwide.
  • The video, stamped November 29, shows the officers in the man’s home, attacking him in front of his toddler children.
  • The man’s wife posted a bulletin to their neighbors on social media, calling for justice for her husband.
  • An English translation of the victim’s wife’s comments stated: “Just yesterday morning, Liao Yong, the director of the Social Security Comprehensive Management Office of the Hehua Sub-District Office in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, broke into my house with three policemen.”
  • “My husband was along with two of our children and was worried about scaring them, so he wanted them to talk outside, but several of them got physical with my husband and after forcing their way into our home, they directly accused and labeled us as making ‘anti-government remarks’, after my husband argued back, he pinned my husband to the sofa and beat him.”
  • “After learning that my home has CCTV cameras, he asked us to delete the video in an attempt to cover up the whole incident,” she added. “We hope the relevant authorities will investigate and give us justice.”
  • Chinese nationals have been protesting in Shanghai and across the country, demanding the end to COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • As part of the Chinese Communist Party police’s suppression of citizens’ outrage, a journalist was detained and beaten.
  • BBC journalist Ed Lawrence was arrested while covering Shanghai’s anti-lockdown protests Sunday night, as thousands came out across several large cities to push back against the zero-COVID policies.