Chinese Military to Apply Biological Enhancements to Soldiers By 2030

A report from the Team Techno-Warfare Group of the U.S. Army’s Mad Scientist Laboratory found that the Chinese military may apply biological enhancements to soldiers by 2030.

According to the report, it is likely that China will soon lead in developing gene editing techniques.

This technology would be implemented in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military through a “Civil-Military Fusion,” which uses biotechnology to eliminate disease, improve strength, and decrease fatigue.

The report notes that the CCP has focused its biotechnology efforts on the CRISPR-Cas9 technology, which modifies genetic traits and phenotypes, or the physical characteristics of an individual.

“CRISPR is a revolutionary gene editing tool that allows scientists to precisely target specific sections of DNA and make edits at will,” the report says. “By doing so, they can enhance particular characteristics or even remove undesirable traits.”

The report warns that gene-editing technology may allow the CCP to create “super soldiers.”

American Faith reported that the Chinese military has developed technology that disrupts brain functions.

A “NeuroStrike,” according to a report titled “Enumerating, Targeting and Collapsing the Chinese Communist Party’s Neurostrike Program,” refers to the “engineered targeting of warfighter and civilian brains using distinct non-kinetic technology” to inhibit one’s brain processes.

The report argues that the CCP “views NeuroStrike and psychological warfare as a core component of its asymmetric warfare strategy against the United States and its Allies in the Indo-Pacific.”

Although NeuroStrike capabilities are considered to be a “standard” part of military function, the report explains that the CCP’s “weaponization of neuroscience extends well beyond the scope and understanding of classical microwave weapons.”

Such research programs are “core strategic focus areas that are designed to be utilized over the near-term and within current state strategic circumstances, such as in Taiwan,” the report states. “Any breakthrough in this research would provide unprecedented tools for the CCP to forcibly establish a new world order, which has been Xi Jinping’s lifelong goal.”