Chinese Communists Urge Xi Jinping to End Child Restrictions as Birth Rates Continue to Fall

A member of the influential Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee suggested that China should lift all restrictions on the child number laws can have and by extending equal recognition and benefits to the children of single parents.

CPPCC adviser Xiong Shuilong said it was no longer appropriate to restrict family size because China’s birth rate is rapidly declining.

“Xiong proposed to completely abolish the limits on the number of children residents can have and truly return the right to have children to families. At the same time, give unmarried or single parents the equal right to enjoy relevant support policies for childbearing, Xiong stated in his drafted proposal which is scheduled to submit during this year’s two sessions,” state-run Global Times said of his suggestions.

“The political advisor also put forward suggestions on reducing social costs borne directly by enterprises due to female employees’ childbirth. The proposals include improving cost-sharing mechanisms for maternity leave, significantly reducing the social security costs borne by enterprises for female employees during maternity leave and extended prenatal check-up periods. For enterprises that hire women of childbearing age, certain income tax reductions can be granted.”