Chinese Communist Party Linked to Anti-Israel Protests

Organizations involved in pro-Palestine protests are connected to a network linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to a report from the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI).

According to the report, Shut It Down for Palestine (SID4P) is linked to the CCP through the Singham Network, described as a “global web of nonprofits, fiscal sponsors, and alternative news sources tied to Neville Roy Singham, a known conduit for CCP geopolitical influence.”

NCRI found that the action taken by anti-Israel groups is “in part driven by organizations connected to CCP foreign influence efforts.”

“While nominally focused on Israel, the current protests can be better understood as a well-funded initiative driving a revolutionary, anti-government, and anticapitalist agenda, with the leading organizations serving as versatile tools for foreign entities hostile to the U.S,” NCRI explained. “The methods of these organizations exacerbate societal tensions, polarize the younger generation, and appear to seek the destabilization of American institutions.”

NCRI noted that these organizations will likely continue inciting unrest leading up to the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

Since at least 2017, various organizations and nonprofits involved in the Singham Network have funneled “undisclosed funds and disseminating CCP-supported agendas and narratives into the United States,” NCRI wrote.

Some of the groups working within the Singham Network include The People’s Forum, the Justice and Education Fund (JEF), the United Community Fund (UCF), The Progress Unity Fund (PUF), and BreakThrough Media (BT Media).

Palestinian terror groups, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), are also connected to the CCP-affiliated networks.

American Faith previously reported that the PFLP has been behind antisemitism on college campuses.

Student protesters can be seen holding PFLP flyers, flags, and publications during demonstrations.