Chinese City Reverses Lockdown Measures After Nights of Protests Against Draconian COVID Rules

Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, on Wednesday lifted restrictions on movement, though “high risk” areas will remain under lockdown.

From Newsweek:

The manufacturing hub of nearly 19 million people is home to many migrant workers. The city has been among the hardest hit by China's economy-throttling zero-COVID policy, which has shuttered factories and prevented out-of-work laborers from going home or seeking employment in other regions.

Guangzhou's residents were among those across the country who took to the streets in frustration at the excesses of the government's zero-tolerance pandemic controls, but irregular clashes with local police in several districts have been ongoing for at least two weeks.

They continued in Haizhu, a district of roughly 1.8 million people, on Monday and Tuesday night, according to social media footage reposted to Twitter, which Chinese protesters and diaspora have used to digitally archive clips being censored within China's Great Firewall.

The videos showed demonstrators throwing glass bottles at hazmat-clad police wielding riot shields. In another clip, a small protest appeared to be dispersed with tear gas canisters.