Chinese Citizens Refuse COVID Protocols Amid Government Crack Down

Footage of a crowd in northeastern China shows a crowd resisting government-mandated COVID-19 testing, as rumors of a quarantine refusal spreads.

  • Footage from the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang shows residents resisting mandatory COVID-19 testing. 
  • According to a report from Reuters, crowds were banging on the windows of a clothing market and shouting at government officials as the new rounding of testing was announced. 
  • Frustrated shoppers were shouting that they refused to quarantine, that they were “awoken” to the truth and that the need for the restrictions was over. 
  • The local government urged people in the area not to “spread rumors” about the resistance against the COVID-19 protocols.  
  • Citizens resisting the Chinese lockdowns have started pushing back, including on the social communication platform WeChat. 
  • One user named Jasmine Tea was quoted by Reuters saying that “the common cold is more serious than this … The testing agencies want this to go on. The vaccine companies want to inoculate forever.” 
  • Growing frustration through China has authorities attempting to rebrand their methods, with vice-head of the country’s National Health Commission Wang Hesheng saying last week that they have revised their tactics to reduce the inconvenience. 
  • China is struggling with more than one crisis as rescue teams look for survivors from the Boeing 737 domestic flight that crashed just days ago that is believed to have killed all 132 individuals on board, according to a USA Today report that cited Chinese state media. 
  • The China Eastern Airlines crash crash made headlines due to the straight downward trajectory of the plane during the crash. It is being called China’s worst air disaster in a decade. 
  • Information about the plane following its loss of contact before the crash is difficult to ascertain due to the lack of first-hand reports