China Threatens Nuclear War Over U.S. Probe Into COVID-19 Origins: Make ‘US Elites Shiver’

Communist China’s state-controlled newspaper releases an editorial stating Beijing should prepare for a nuclear war with America.

The Global Times newspaper—controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—released an editorial article claiming China ought to be preparing for a nuclear war with the U.S. amid calls for a deep probe into the origins of COVID-19.

The article asserts that one of China’s “urgent tasks” is “to rapidly increase the number of commissioned nuclear warheads.”

“As the US strategic containment of Chinas [sic] has increasingly intensified, I would like to remind again that we have plenty of urgent tasks, but among the most important ones is to rapidly increase the number of commissioned nuclear warheads, and the DF-41s, the strategic missiles that are capable to strike long-range and have high-survivability, in the Chinese arsenal,” reads the editorial.

“This is the cornerstone of China’s strategic deterrence against the US.”

Screenshot taken from The Global Times’ website on June 3, 2021

The author, Hu Xijin (Global Times’ editor-in-chief), goes on to say that China must be “prepared for an intense showdown between China and the US.”

“The number of China’s nuclear warheads must reach the quantity that makes US elites shiver should they entertain the idea of engaging in a military confrontation with China,” says Xijin.

“US hostility toward China is burning. We must use our strength, and consequences that Washington cannot afford to bear if it takes risky moves, to keep them sober.”

One America News reports this saber-rattling comes as China currently has some 350 nuclear warheads (while the U.S. has 6,000), and days after Joe Biden announced the launch of a new probe into whether the coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

The Global Times article seemingly warns readers that even a “minor incident” could spark a full-scale war.

“On this basis, we can calmly and actively manage divergences with Washington to avoid a minor incident sparking a war,” writes Xijin.

American Faith recently reported that U.S. military figures such as General General Michael Flynn—former Trump administration National Security Advisor—believe that COVID itself was a “weaponized operation” carried out by China.

President Donald Trump was confident that the coronavirus may have originated in Chinese lab as early as April 2020, according to Reuters. Leftist media outlets are only recently catching up with Trump’s observations (here, here, here).

Although China’s nuclear arsenal is less than 6% of the United States’, China’s so-called “artificial sun” nuclear fusion reactor recently set a new world record after running at 216 million degrees Fahrenheit (160 million°C) for 100 seconds, according to The Daily Mail, as the nation inches closer to its goal of “limitless clean power.”

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith.