China Sets Up Covert Police Station in New York City

China’s communist regime has opened a police department in New York, reportedly to monitor Chinese citizens at odds with the CCP.

From American Military News:

The Chinese government has set up 32 police “service stations” around the world, including one in New York, to monitor and coerce Chinese nationals living abroad to return to China, according to a new report.

The Spain-based human rights organization Safeguard Defenders recently published a report on these 32 unofficial Chinese police “service stations” operating around the world. The stations were established by the Overseas Chinese Police Office of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau in China’s Fujian Province.

Liu Rongyan, Director of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau’s overseas police operations reportedly announced the launch of the “first batch” of 30 overseas “service stations” on Jan. 22, 2022. The 30 stations are located in 25 cities in 21 different countries.

The exact scope of the mission of these overseas Chinese police “service stations” is unclear, but Safeguard Defenders researchers believe the offices work in conjunction with China’s “Fox Hunt” operations. China says its “Fox Hunt” operations are meant to convince Chinese criminals living abroad to return to China, but they have been accused of targeting Chinese dissidents and relying on threats and coercive behavior to get those dissidents to come back to China.