China Launches Military Exercise Around Taiwan

China launched a large military drill around Taiwain, claiming it is a “powerful punishment” for “separatist acts.”

The move follows Taiwan swearing in its new president Lai Ching-te.

China views the new president as a “dangerous separatist,” CNN reported.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry called the Chinese drills “irrational provocations and actions that undermine regional peace and stability.”

“We stand by with firm will and restraint. We seek no conflicts, but we will not shy away from one. We have the confidence to safeguard our national security,” the ministry added.

In response to China’s actions, Taiwan’s presidential spokeswoman Karen Kuo said, “It is regrettable to see China threatening Taiwan’s democracy and freedom and regional peace and stability with unilateral military provocations.”

Taiwan’s Coast Guard also warned a Chinese Navy ship to change its course.

American Faith reported that former U.S. Navy Seal Erik Prince believes China may “take Taiwan” in 2024.

“The weather window, if they are going to do something by force in Taiwan, opens around May or June because during most of the months of the year, it’s too windy,” he said.