Chicago Bears Told to ‘Pay for Their Own’ Stadium Rather than Taxpayer Money

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, (D-IL), and financial experts are allegedly expressing concern at the possibility of taxpayer money being used to pay for the Chicago Bears’ new stadium.

“The stadium itself would cost $3.2 billion to build, with another $1.4 billion in proposed infrastructure improvements,” the Chicago Tribune reported

“But the Bears’ plan includes an additional $2.3 billion in public financing, along with refinancing outstanding debt for prior publicly financed stadium projects for the Bears and White Sox,” the outlet continued.

Report from Fox News:

Taxpayers would reportedly pay for the infrastructure improvements as well as around $1 billion in “new borrowing” to pay for the stadium.

However, considering the cost and how much debt the state already is in over similar projects, the governor, state lawmakers and finance experts believe that the money would be better spent on other priorities. 

Local outlet “The Lincoln Courier” reported on Pritzker’s skepticism of the plan.

“It’s very important to me with all that the state needs to accomplish that we think about what the priorities are. There are a lot of priorities that the state has, and I’m not sure that is among the highest priorities for taxpayers,” the governor said during a recent press conference. 

State Senate President Don Harmon, D, sided with Pritzker, the Courier reported. 

“At first glance, more than $2 billion in private funding is better than zero and a more credible opening offer. But there’s an obvious substantial gap remaining, and I echo the governor’s skepticism,” Harmon reportedly said. 

State House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D, said he doesn’t expect the proposal to get enough votes among state representatives to pass.