New Book on US First Lady May Cause Discomfort for Bidens

There have been scandals brewing around the family since the Democrat announced his decision to run for president in 2020, including his son’s business dealings in China and Ukraine and Joe Biden’s potential conflict of interest, as well as sexual assault allegations made against the politician.

A new book on First Lady Jill Biden may cause discomfort for the Bidens as it could reveal unpleasant stories about members of the family, the Daily Mail reports. According to the tabloid, citing a spokeswoman for the publishing company Little Brown, the book, titled “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady”, will unveil “some of the private sides” of Jill Biden.

Scheduled for release in April, it was penned by two veteran White House journalists — Julie Pace and Darlene Superville, both reporters with the Associated Press. A spokesman for Little Brown said the first lady participated in the interviews with the journalists and confirmed that her “early life is covered” in the biography.

The latter detail prompted speculation that the book may touch on allegations of cheating made previously by her first husband, businessman Bill Stevenson. Both Joe Biden and Jill claimed that they started dating after Jill’s marriage had crashed. Stevenson, however, suggests otherwise.

In 2020, he claimed that Jill cheated on him when they were still together. 

“Her father was begging me to take her back when he found out what was going on. He asked me to give her a second chance, but I wasn’t interested. I considered Joe a friend. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. Everyone who meets Jill falls in love with her immediately. It’s hard not to”, Stevenson said.

Among other tricky subjects that may be covered in the book are the drug problems of her step son Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son from his previous marriage. Hunter entered the media spotlight in recent years following reports of his business deals in Ukraine and China and using his family name to get preferential treatment. An expose by the New York Post claimed that Joe Biden was engaged in his son’s business dealings during his tenure as US vice president, which the newspaper said could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

The book may also deal with the allegations of sexual harassment and assault made against Joe Biden.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, several women accused Joe Biden of sexual harassment. They claimed that the politician had touched and kissed them without their consent.

Former aide Tara Reade alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by the Democrat. Ms Reade claimed that Biden forced her against a wall and penetrated her with his fingers in 1993, when he was a senator for Delaware. Joe Biden has categorically denied the accusations.