ChatGPT Accused of Bias Against Christianity in Joke-Making

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence program developed by OpenAI, is under fire after allegedly displaying bias against Christianity in its responses to users.

According to a Summit News report, a user asked ChatGPT to make a joke involving Jesus, to which the program responded with a joke about ice hockey.

“Why did Jesus refuse to play ice hockey? Because he kept getting nailed to the boards!” ChatGPT replied.

However, when the user requested a joke involving the Islamic prophet Muhammad, ChatGPT reportedly refused.

The AI cited guidelines that restrict it from generating content that “could be offensive or disrespectful to religious figures, including Prophet Muhammad.”

The incident has sparked controversy, with some accusing ChatGPT of displaying bias against Christianity and in favor of Islam.

Critics argue that the program’s willingness to make a joke involving Jesus but refusal to do so for Muhammad indicates a double standard and raises questions about the neutrality of the AI.