Census Reveals America Has Slowest Population Growth Since Great Depression

The population growth rate for 2010-2020 was only 7.4%. The Great Depression saw a growth rate of 7.3%.

The latest census results from 2010-2020 are in, and many have focused on headlines declaring that overwhelmingly Republican states are set to gain new seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, the census also reveals that population growth in the United States has slowed to the second lowest level in the country’s history, with only the Great Depression showing lower growth numbers.

According to census data presented by the Brookings Institution, “Among all 50 states, 37 grew more slowly in the 2010s than in the previous decade, and three states lost population—the largest number of such states since the 1980s,” and the overall growth rate was a modest 7.4%, only one fraction of a percentage higher than the growth rate between 1930-1940 – the years marked by the Great Depression – 7.3%.