CDC Silent On Restrictions Guidance For Unvaccinated COVID-19 Survivors

The Centers For Disease Control still won’t release guidance on what behavior is safe for unvaccinated individuals who have recovered from COVID-19.

The CDC has failed to respond to multiple inquiries from the Daily Caller about whether or not the agency will update its restrictions guidance for unvaccinated people who survived COVID-19. Numerous studies have shown that individuals previously infected with COVID-19 possess antibodies granting them a degree of natural immunity, and some research has suggested natural immunity may rival the efficacy of a vaccine.

One study from Qatar found that individuals who made a full recovery from COVID-19 may possess up to 95% effective immunity against serious reinfection, which is in the same range as the protection provided by vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. Others have shown that individuals possess antibodies for a number of months after being infected, and reinfection during that time period is relatively unlikely in most populations.