CDC: Over 9,000 People Who Got Vaccinated Later Tested Positive For COVID-19, Over 100 Died

Thousands of people continue to contract COVID-19 even after being vaccinated against the virus

According to data made available by states to the CDC, which then publishes the data on its website, over 9,000 people who received one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines later tested positive for the virus, and over 100 died from the illness.

The latest data shows that 9,245 people tested positive for the China-originated virus after being vaccinated, and almost half – a total of 4,245 – 60 years old or younger, and thus far less likely from experiencing severe symptoms. 2,525 of those who tested positive for the virus experienced no symptoms, 835 were hospitalized due to the illness, and 132 died as a result of contracting COVID-19 while vaccinated.