CCP-Linked Company Supplying Defense Dept. Materials Found to Have Security Vulnerabilities

TP-Link, one of the primary manufacturers of internet routers and other electronic devices, is found to have numerous security vulnerabilities. The technology is used by the Department of Defense, raising security concerns as TP-Link materials are used at Fort Meade in Maryland, where U.S. Cyber Command, the National Security Agency (NSA), and other military intelligence groups are located.

From The National Pulse:

TP-Link primarily manufactures routers, network switches, access points, wi-fi range extenders, and related accessories, including mesh network devices under the brand name Deco. They also make smart home devices under the brand name Tapo, including smart lighting, smart plugs, smart switches, smart cameras, and robot vacuums. Additionally, they have entered the smartphone market under the brand name Neffos.


TP-Link products are a notorious security risk. A search of the NIST National Vulnerability Database for “TP-Link” yields over 250 results dating all the way back to 2012, documenting an extremely serious threat posed by these devices. In March 2022, the website GizChina, which reviews Chinese technology products, reported that TP-Link routers had been discovered sending a users traffic to a third-party company, despite user settings that had been switched off to prevent this.