Catholics Campaign Against L.A. Dodgers

Catholic Vote President Brian Burch called out the L.A. Dodgers to convey his dismay over the baseball team’s choice to honor the drag queen group mocking Catholicism.

“We wrote to you last week with a reasonable ask: Please do not honor this anti-Catholic hate group. There is no place for anti-Catholic bigotry, mocking of religious sisters, or celebrating a perverse activist group whose identity is marked by blasphemy and mockery of Catholics,” Burch wrote.

Burch has prepared an ad campaign to call for a boycott of the Dodgers.

“Prior to the launch of this campaign, we are requesting yet another opportunity to speak by telephone or to meet in person with an appropriate representative so that you can better understand the extraordinary harm and hurt your decision has engendered,” Burch added in the letter.

Reporting from World Net Daily:

He said the campaign is "a full-throated defense of the respect due Catholic nuns and respect for our most sacred beliefs."

"This may sound harsh, but there’s a reason there are no 'Imams of Indulgence.' Or Rabbis of Indulgence. That’s because mocking Muslims and Jewish people is beyond the pale. And because woke corporations know they can exploit our instinct to 'be nice.' And so the Dodgers have decided to go ahead and celebrate a bunch of perverse men masquerading in sexualized religious habits of Catholic nuns – honoring one of the most vile and blasphemous groups that exists."