Cartel Gunmen Hang Bodies Over Border Pass Along Mexican Border

Gunmen part of the cartel hung three bodies from a highway overpass in a Mexican state that borders Texas. 

The crime scene took place last week in Salinas Victoria, located just north of the Monterrey metropolitan area.

Authorities found the bodies of three unidentified victims who had been hung up from a highway overpass along the highway that connects Monterrey with the Colombia International Bridge.

After the incident, Waldo Fernandez, a state legislator from the MORENA Party, took to social media to call for a unified act in dealing with cartel violence.

“Today in the state of Nuevo Leon, we are seeing the same,” Fernandez said. “These acts are acts of intimidation between one cartel and another one, it is between organized crime groups, but they are acts of intimidation for the local citizenry.”

From Breitbart:

Fernandez spoke to Breitbart Texas and stated that it was time for government officials to establish a series of security boards to coordinate law enforcement activities at the local, state, and federal levels to keep the cartel violence from spiraling out of control even more. The Mexican state legislator claimed that politicians from various parties have focused on pushing their own agendas instead of providing a unified front against organized crime.