Cartel Gunmen Attack U.S. Tourists in Mexico Near Texas Border

A group of gunmen from the cartel attacked close to 20 tourists who had just crossed into Mexico from Texas Saturday. 

According to reports, Mexican authorities rushed seven injured tourists to a U.S. port of entry, where medical officials took care of them and brought them to local hospitals.

The attack took place along the Riberena highway near a statue called El Angel during the early hours of the morning and the gunmen reportedly used a makeshift armored vehicle to ram the cars that the tourists were riding in.

Law enforcement sources revealed that Gulf Cartel gunmen believed to have mistaken the tourists for rivals or police forces who were moving into their area.

From Breitbart:

The attack comes when the Gulf Cartel has been waging a series of turf wars along the Tamaulipas, Mexico, border with rival factions. In addition to fighting with rivals, the Gulf Cartel has been linked to numerous attacks against tourists, kidnappings, murders, and extortions targeting innocent victims.