Carjackings Up 108%

Washington, D.C., has had 901 carjackings in 2023.

The number is up 108% from 2022.

Carjackings involving a firearm occurred 695 times.

The Metropolitan Police said on its website, “The crime of ‘carjacking’ — which is stealing a car by force — captures headlines across the country. Statistically speaking, however, your chances of being a victim of carjacking are very slim, and taking preventive measures can reduce that risk even more.”

American Faith reported that over 63% of carjacking arrests involve those under the age of 18.

Since juvenile offenders cannot be held in prison after they turn 21, they avoid jail sentences.

“I think if you’re old enough to shoot someone or take someone’s car with a gun, you should be able to do life in jail, you should be able to do the time for the crime, ’cause I’m never going to see my son again,” said a mother whose son was murdered by a 15-year-old.

D.C.’s Attorney General Brian Schwalb (D) said during an April town hall, “We also are committed in the juvenile system to treat kids like kids and that we give kids what the law requires, which is a chance of rehabilitation and going on to live lives of success and independence.”

His statements follow his 2017 launch of the Restorative Justice Program.

“Restorative justice” is defined as a “victim-centered approach to addressing crime and conflict, which provides the victim and the young person who caused harm a chance to opt into a facilitated conversation about what happened, how everyone was affected, and what needs to happen to resolve the matter so that it never happens again,” according to D.C.’s Attorney General website.