Cardi B On Defunding The Police: ‘We Need Cops And That’s Facts’

Controversial rapper Cardi B came out against defunding the police in a now-deleted tweet on Thursday night where she dismissed the idea as “bulls**t.”

In responding to a tweet that stated, “defund the police,” Cardi B said, “That’s bulls**t to me.”

“We need cops and that’s facts we just need strict laws for cops,” she continued. “If you shot somebody just like civilians you will go to jail that same day, get charge[d], wait for bond and go to trial. That will make you think twice about shooting anyone.”

The person made the remark in response to something Cardi B stated prior where she brought up the recent shooting in Chicago where a 13-year-old was killed by police after he tried to run and was armed with handgun.

“That video of that 13-year-old falling on his a*s after getting shot by a cop is so sick, sad and disgusting. I’m so tired of police brutality & entitlement,” she tweeted. “We are sooo tired of it. When will it end? like this s**t is becoming too much. It’s truly traumatizing.”