Candace Cameron Bure’s Great American Family Tops Cable Ratings Growth

Candace Cameron Bure, former star of the Hallmark Channel and current chief creative officer of Great American Family, recently announced that her network has become the fastest growing in all of cable television, The Christian Post reports.

In a post on Instagram Stories, Bure thanked her fans for supporting Great American Family and shared a press release from the network stating that it had achieved the highest growth in prime time ratings among households, as well as ranking first in total day ratings growth among households, ages 18-49, and total viewership.

These statistics were based on Nielsen figures.

As CEO of Great American Family, Bill Abbott formerly served as CEO of Crown Media, the parent company of the Hallmark Channel.

Recently, Bure faced backlash from a media-generated cancel mob after announcing that Great American Family’s Christmas movies would focus on “traditional marriage” rather than including gay couples.

In response, GLAAD threatened to launch an advertiser boycott of the network, calling Bure’s comment “irresponsible” and “hurtful.”

The Hallmark Channel faced a similar situation, with GLAAD successfully pressuring the channel to reverse its decision to reject commercials featuring gay couples.

Since then, the Hallmark Channel has included same-sex couples in its movies, including The Holiday Sitter, starring openly gay actor Jonathan Bennett.