Environmentalist Efforts at Fault for Canadian Wildfires

Many are blaming environmentalists for the Canadian wildfires affecting over a dozen U.S. states.

“The situation in Canada is similar to that in Australia, where green ideology and chronic government underfunding mean that the forests currently ablaze have not been managed properly for years,” wrote Miranda Devine in The New York Post.

“Instead of dead wood and undergrowth being removed regularly using low-intensity controlled or “prescribed” burns, forests have become overgrown tinderboxes,” Devine explained.

Ecologist Jim Steele similarly noted, “I do not feel the media is educating us about the science that affects fires. They’re just trying to push a catastrophe narrative that’s been going on way too long.”

Reporting from The Daily Wire:

As far back as 2016, Mark Heathcott, who coordinated controlled burns for Parks Canada for 23 years, warned, “A lot of lip service is paid to it but very few agencies do it. People don’t understand the benefit of fire.”

Heathcott supervised controlled burns at Banff National Park, where his team would take months to assess a site. They would consult the local town, wait for prime moisture and wind conditions, then light a match or fuse or coordinate with a pilot for ignition capsules to be dropped, making the perimeter of an area burn inward. “These things aren’t slapdash plans,” Heathcott said. “Nobody ever wants to relinquish control of fire and have it burning willy-nilly on the landscape.”