Canadian Truckers Are Standing Up for Freedom, Gaining International Support

Canadian truckers are snarling traffic on a second border bridge as lawmakers and police grow increasingly concerned. Reports from Wednesday showed trucks are arriving at the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, Michigan, which is about an hour away from the currently closed Ambassador Bridge.

Ontario Police requested more resources to deal with the growing protest, while the country’s transportation minister warned the shutdown will have severe economic consequences. Despite this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to back down even as members of his own party called for changes to COVID restrictions.

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took a swipe at Trudeau and Democrats in his home country, saying Americans and Canadians are fed up with the hypocrisy.

“This COVID pandemic, we have seen petty authoritarians willing to impose mandates that they have no right to impose, lawless mandates,” said Cruz. “Joe Biden has done so, Democratic governors have done so, Democratic mayors have done so, the government of Canada has done so…I also believe in individual liberty. It’s your choice whether or not to choose to get a COVID vaccine and you shouldn’t have some petty tyrant forcing you to make that choice.”

Meanwhile, the message of the Freedom Convoy is echoing globally with protesters in New Zealand descending on Parliament and truckers in France currently making their way to Paris. Truckers in the U.S. are also planning to drive from Parliament to D.C. to stand up against mandates.

One America’s Daniel Baldwin has more on the international repercussions of Canada’s Freedom Convoy.