Canadian Man Urges U.S. Republican Party to Create Special Visa for Defecting, Pro-Freedom Canadians (Video)

Originally published May 25, 2023 4:00 pm PDT

A video currently making waves across social media platforms features a Canadian man addressing the U.S. Republican party with a provocative proposal.

The man starts the video by directly addressing the Republican leadership, stating, “To the Republican party from a Canadian. I don’t care who gets this message, whether it’s Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, or anybody in the Republican party willing to listen.”

He continues, expressing discontent with the Trudeau Liberal Party’s governance in Canada.

“There’s millions of Canadians right now who feel that they actually live under a tyrannical regime under the Trudeau Liberal Party,” he says.

He further alleges that “[m]illions of Canadians feel like this government has stripped us of our rights, our freedoms, our feeling of security opportunities.”

The individual in the video suggests that the ongoing political dissatisfaction has driven a wedge within the country.

He points out that “hyper-conservative provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan have already said that if he [Trudeau] wins the next election, they will heavily consider becoming independent free states.”

He also warns of a potential domino effect within Canada, stating, “And if those two provinces go, Manitoba will follow and so will the Yukon.”

The man draws parallels between these regions and the U.S., saying, “These provinces and territories have more in common with the red state neighbors like Alaska, Montana, and North Dakota than they do with the rest of Canada. These are truly conservative. Patriotic folk who no longer feel that they have a home in Canada.”

In his video message, the man introduces an intriguing proposal to the U.S. Republican party: “I think it might be wise for the Republican party to think about creating a special visa for Canadians who wish to defect from Canada and become American citizens.”

He explains the present predicament of Canadians wanting to move to the U.S., noting, “You see, right now it’s hard for us to do so. It’s easy for us to buy land in the United States, but it’s hard for us to get a green card and stay there.”

He frames his suggestion as a political strategy, claiming, “As I pointed out, these are people that share your exact beliefs and values. Let’s beat the Democrats at their own game. If they want to import millions of people, then lets bring in millions of Canadians to America who will always vote red.”

It remains to be seen how this unique appeal will be received by the U.S. Republican party or what the overall reaction will be.