Canadian Health Chief Says COVID Restrictions Must Continue Even AFTER Taking Vaccine

“If you got vaccinated, it’s never 100 percent,” she admits

Canada’s top public health officer warned citizens that they must continue following the country’s COVID restrictions even after getting vaccinated, noting that the vaccine is “never 100%” effective.

Therea Tam, Prime Minister Trudeau’s public health chief, said Sunday that because so little is known about the vaccine’s efficacy is unknown, people must still obey the COVID measures like social distancing and masking.

“For now, keep up with those precautions, because there’s two reason,” Tam said. “One is that if you got vaccinated, it’s never 100 percent. So keeping up with some of these personal protective layers is still important.”

Tam then admitted health experts “don’t know” if vaccinated people can still transmit coronavirus.

“Can you transmit to someone else if you’re vaccinated? That we don’t know yet. But there’s more and more data that shows there’s quite likely that those who are vaccinated are less likely to transmit. But that data is forthcoming so just hang on tight for a bit,” she said.

45 days to flatten the curve, right?

If people have to keep obeying the oppressive and authoritarian COVID restrictions, what’s the point of even getting vaccinated?

The answer has nothing to do with public health or the vaccines: it’s about control and setting the tone for the Great Reset agenda, which aims to severely restrict human rights in the name of fighting climate change.