California Supreme Court Rules School Districts Cannot Mandate COVID Vax for Students

The California State Supreme Court has delivered a victory to parents by ruling that school districts in the state cannot mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for students, according to a report from Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

The ruling was seen as a blow to Governor Gavin Newsom and former California Senator Richard Pan, who had been advocates of mandatory vaccinations.

Let Them Breathe, a pro-parent and anti-mandate organization founded by Sharon McKeeman, hailed the decision as a victory.

“The CA Supreme Court affirmed our ruling against SDUSD which set state precedent that school districts can not require COVID vaccines! The highest state court rejected Sen Pan’s challenge of our ruling that protects millions of students. YOU WON!” the group tweeted.

The case in question was brought against the San Diego Unified School District, which had proposed a mandate in September 2021 requiring students aged 16 and up to receive a COVID jab to attend any classes or events on campus.

The Fourth District Court of Appeal had ruled in November that school districts did not have the authority to mandate the vaccine for students.

The court also clarified that a standing state law allowing schools to administer vaccines only applied to those that had been approved by the state of California.

The COVID shot is not yet among those approved vaccines.