California Proposition 1 Would Guarantee Unrestricted Abortion Rights Through Pregnancy

The vote going on the ballot would allow for abortions through 40 weeks.

  • California Proposition 1 is a ballot measure that would amend the California Constitution to protect abortion right state-wide.
  • The provision would allow unrestricted abortion access for all 40 weeks of pregnancy, resulting in the abortion of a healthy baby up to the moment of birth.
  • Pro-life groups have encouraged voters to vote “no” to proposition 1 in order to protect the unborn from the violence of abortion.
  • “The California Constitution guarantees everyone the right to privacy but does not define what this right includes,” the proposition’s explanation lays out. “However, the California Supreme Court has found that this right to privacy includes the right to make reproductive choices, such as whether or not to have an abortion or use contraceptives. In addition, state law was later passed to expressly protect these rights.”
  • “Proposition 1 would change the California Constitution to expressly include existing rights to reproductive freedom,” the proposition explanation went on. “Because these rights already exist in California, the proposition would have no direct fiscal effect. However, whether a court might interpret the proposition to expand reproductive rights beyond existing law is unclear. If a court finds that the proposition expands these rights, there could be fiscal effects to the state.”
  • The state of California and pro-abortion residents have made several moves in support of abortion since the Supreme Court revoked federal protections for the practice in June of this year.
  • As American Faith reported just days ago, The University of Southern California’s communication school, partnered with the Walt Disney Company, announced it would now fund pro-abortion propaganda productions.
  • USC Annenberg, a school for communication and journalism, along with its partner Disney, announced the “Annenberg Inclusion Initiative (AI2),” which is aiming to fund pro-abortion propaganda films, The Blaze reported.