California Parents Allege Teacher, Admin Conspired to Teach Eight-Year-Olds About Gender, Sex

Some parents in Glendale, California, reprimanded a public school board after emails uncovered a third-grade teacher allegedly conspired with district officials to teach eight-year-olds about gender and sexual identity, according to videos from the meeting.

Emails obtained via a parent’s public records request reportedly found that a third-grade teacher in Glendale Unified School District subjected students to videos on LGBTQ ideology and comments about nudity. During an April 19Board of Education meeting, parents identified the teacher as Tammy Tiber.

Tiber reportedly sent an email to the district’s Teaching and Learning Department after a parent pulled her child from a Zoom session on LGBTQ Pride month.

“Today I talked to my class about LGBTQ pride month and played 2 short videos from YouTube that were geared towards kids,” the email read. “A parent who heard the lesson and discussion made her daughter leave Zoom and texted me asking me when I was done discussing sexual orientation so that she could let her kids back into Zoom. I was planning on doing more lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, but now I’m afraid to.”

Tiber allegedly listed YouTube video links that discussed LGBTQ ideology, including one that talked about being attracted to nudity in film.

District officials responded to Tiber’s request by quelling her fear and offering strategies to discuss the ideology under the radar, according to the emails. 

One parent called the emails “appalling.”

Another Glendale Unified School District mother, who spoke at the April 19 school board meeting, excoriated the board for allowing this teacher to continue teaching such lessons.

“These are eight-year-old children that she’s trying to hold a sexual orientation class with,” the mother said. “You guys want us to believe that this isn’t a propaganda, that no agenda is being held. This wasn’t just any sexuality class, this was specifically designed. Three days a week she taught LGBTQ curriculum in her class.”

“It raises the question, how many of those students are excelling in that classroom? Is everybody in that class getting A’s in math, English, grammar, social studies that we can dedicate three days a week to teach eight-year-olds about sexual orientation?” the mother continued. “I don’t care what kind of sex is being discussed. The words sexuality, nudity does not belong in the ears in a classroom of eight-year-old kids.”

The mother dubbed the board’s lack of action an absurd “level of disrespect.”

Glendale Unified School District did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Reporting by The Daily Caller.